6 Things We Learnt This Week

From a naked Sharon Osbourne to Zayn’s brand new face ink, we look at 6 of the weirdest stories on the web this week.

CREDIT: Sharon Osbourne / Twitter

1) After Kim Kardashian showed the world she had nothing to wear – a number of celebrities decided to show their lack of clothing as well, chief among them was queen of camp Sharon Osbourne who went starkers and showed that even in her 60s she has a cracking bod.


CREDIT: ©-PopularImages-Depositphotos
CREDIT: ©-PopularImages-Depositphotos

2) Zayn Malik shocked the world with his brand new ink – a face tattoo which had the word M.O.M written in it, which had some fans crying like One Direction had announced their conscious uncoupling all over again.

The question is – is it real?


CREDIT: Olly Alexander / Instagram

3) Olly Alexander admitted that he had an unlikely crush in Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.




Donald Trump (C) Jean Nelson : Depositphotos (1)

4) The people of Twitter imagined a world where Donald Trump became the next US President. It was in part hilarious and in the same breath freaking scary.

5) Classic cars – well those from the 1980s are being targeted by thieves. Yes seats from an old Cortina (anyone born after 1985 will literally have no clue what that even is…) can go from £300 and an Escort door can go for £500…


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6) Silencers on guns aren’t silencers… Who knew…



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