7 reasons why you should start wearing boxers again

7 reasons why you should start wearing boxers again

For a while, the traditional boxer reigned supreme. Then tighter, more restrictive undies began to flood the market.

Reasons why you need to rediscover boxers
Reasons why you need to rediscover boxers

Surely restriction is the exact opposite of what is truly needed for that area of the body. So here are seven reasons why you should reconsider the humble boxer.

1) Let the air circulate

Letting the air get to your pecker can only be a good thing and the problem with briefs or boxers is that they are generally tight. Tight underwear means sweaty bits. Sweaty bits mean rashes, nasty smells and even crotch rot. It’s not pleasant. Boxers allow for a little extra room and a little extra breathing space.

Don’t forget about your fertility. Sperm production is decreased when the balls are hot. It’s why they’re outside of your body and hang low when you’re warm and all but disappear when you’re cold. Keeping them unrestricted and slightly cooler especially if you’re planning to be a sperm donor or biological father could get you better sperm production outcomes.

2) Let the creativity run free

Briefs, trunks and boxer briefs are quite boring let’s face it. Generally, they come in two colours. Black or white. If you’re lucky you might get a grey. Life is a rainbow, your undies should reflect that. Underwear company, McAlson have created a vibrant set of boxers. From more conservative shades to splashes of colour to suit every wardrobe.

3) You can still get cuppage

How do you stop ball slippage when wearing boxers? One of the biggest moans about boxers is the lack of support for your joystick and the family jewels. When the coconuts make a break for freedom from your boxers what can you do? McAlson has an insider trick, quite literally and it’s going to revolutionise your boxer experience. They’ve included a 100 percent cotton invisible support. It combines the looks of a traditional boxer, but the supporting feeling of a brief. It’s actually ingenious.

Reasons why you need to rediscover boxers
Reasons why you need to rediscover boxers

4) Just as sexy, maybe even more so

Sometimes, more is best. With briefs or boxer briefs you see it all. The tight material can reveal the outline of your Lil Buddy when maybe what you want is a little more mystique. Let’s face it, there’s no great reveal with a brief. Because boxers are just that little bit baggier, the mystery continues until the full reveal.

5) For all sizes

It doesn’t matter if you have a Washington Monument or a bean sprout, boxers are incredibly accommodating. Boxers are for every size and every man.


6) Muffin top be gone

Thanks to an elasticized waistband you’re less likely to get the dreaded muffin top effect, you’re likely to get with briefs. A better fitting waistband means you’ll get a much more flattering silhouette leaving your bulges to exactly where they should be. Plus how great not to be marked by the clothes you wear.

Boxers by McAlson

7) Less of a fumble

When it comes to toilet time, the less time you spend fumbling around at the urinal the better. Especially if you’re at a service station. Some briefs and boxer briefs are near on impossible to fish out the little guy. Some have horizontal openings, some have multiple layers of fabric to get through. With boxers, you have a simple centre opening, with buttons. It couldn’t really be simpler.


This article was produced in-house by THEGAYUK.com editorial team for McAlson