Whos is Austin Armacost

So Austin Armacost is back on our screens, but what exactly do we know about the hunky Austin Armacost.

Is Austin Armacost gay?

Yes, he certainly is and he’s definitely not ashamed of it. He recently broke up with his husband (Jake Lees) a relationship which lasted for 9 years and now he’s apparently back on the market. He’s even signed up to a couple of dating apps. Viewers of season 16 of Celebrity Big Brother were smittened by the bromance between him and the show’s eventual winner James Hill – although James is straight.

What happened to Austin’s brother?

Viewers may remember him getting very emotional about his older brother. His older brother, Tyler was killed in a car crash. During his last time in the house, Austin found it tough going when one of the days fell on what would have been his brother’s 30th birthday. He died when he was 27. Speaking about his brother Austin said,

“He was such a good guy. You hope that life would be good, and calm, and peaceful, and when it’s time to go it’s time to go, but it just wasn’t his time to go.”‘

What happened to Austin’s mother?

Viewers were shocked to find out that not only did Austin have to bury his brother but he “had to send” his mother to prison. Karen Armacost was jailed for stealing $681,000 from her former employer. During her trial, the court heard how she spent the money paying off credit cards. She was sentenced to 6 years in prison and three years probation.

Does Austin get naked?

Yes, a lot. He’s an exhibitionist and why not. He’s on social media quite a bit showing off his muscles and he releases a calendar every year as well.

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Did Austin Armacost date Marc Jacobs?

Before he met his husband Austin was the boyfriend of fashion designer Marc Jacobs. In a previous interview, Austin remarked that he wanted to be remembered for more than just being the boyfriend of a famous designer. He said,

“I don’t want to be known as Marc Jacobs’ ex-boyfriend. I want to be known as someone who stands on their own independently from that. Obviously it comes up because he is one of the world’s most famous fashion designers. I was 21 years old, and I drank too much I said some stupid things but it gave me this public profile that I was able to do some really good things with and I am very proud of what I have done since then.

How much is Austin Armacost worth?

CelebrityNetWorth.com has Austin’s net worth reported as $3 million. He will have made his money from appearing in reality series, his calendars and personal appearances.

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His Austin Armacost married?

Austin was married to Brit Jake Lees, but they separated in July 2016 after being together for 9 years.

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