Some Celebrity Big Brother viewers think that Stacy Francis is “homophobic” after calling  Austin Armacost a “gay boy”.

viewers think that Stacy Francis was homophobic
Celebrity Big Brother 2017

Some fans of the show are calling out Stacy Francis as “homophobic” after asking whether Ray J would be comfortable sleeping in the same bed as “the gay boy”. She was referring to Austin Armacost, who is openly gay.

The discussion was between housemates Coleen Nolan, James Jordan, James Cosmo and Stacy, who were discussing which bed each celebrity would take.

Apparently, US R&B star Ray J, who was asleep at the time when celebs were choosing beds, didn’t want to sleep in the same bed as DJ Brandon Block. The only other space available was bunking with Austin. On hearing the news Stacy asked,

“So [Ray J] didn’t want to sleep with Brandon? But he will sleep with a gay boy? The boy that wants to… the gay boy.

“Isn’t Austin gay? So [Ray J] okay with that?”

Stacy Francis
Celebrity Big Brother 2017

STUNNED: Stacy seemingly stunned her fellow housemates when she called Austin “gay boy”. She quickly said that she was being “sarcastic”.

The conversation went momentarily quiet before Stacy quipped she was being “sarcastic” and that everyone was “so serious”.

Well, needless to say, Twitter were right on it.

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Some were quick to her defence, by saying that what she said wasn’t homophobic,

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So what do you think?

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