Things you should use lube for
It's not a replacement for jam people... oh but it is yummy!

Chances are if you’ve used Strawberry Lube you’ve probably been using it properly. You know for sex. However, these hilarious Amazoners have been using their lube for different purposes – some of the crafty buggers have used the sticky lube as a breakfast spread.

As yummy as strawberry lube can be, you probably shouldn’t be using it as a spread for your / your Mother-in-Law’s sandwiches (although it is totally non-toxic).

Durex’s sex and relationships expert Alix Fox said,

“It’s lovely to see people having a laugh – after all, a sense of humour is one of the best accessories you can bring into the bedroom – but obviously I advise that folks should follow the usage instructions supplied with sexual wellbeing products, which means sticking to what they’re designed for.

“Durex flavoured lubes are completely safe to consume, so popping them on puddings shouldn’t do you any harm, but there are better ways to use them. They’re for bodies, not breakfasts, and although they’re brilliant whether you’re a top or a bottom, they’re not intended for topping toast!”

Ice cream van owner’s customers are mad for the red stuff…

“I’ve owned an ice cream van for nearly 30 years and I can’t tell you enough how wonderful this product is. Basically a lot of my customers ask for Red Sauce when purchasing a 99 with flake. I have found it hard to keep up with demand as well as soaring strawberry prices. So in order to keep my customers happy I tried Durex Play Sweet Strawberry and have never looked back. My customers now think I only serve organic free-range strawberry sauce because it tastes so dam good. Also, you should see their children’s glistening smile after one of my 99’s it really gives me a sense of purpose and knowing I am top of my game in the world of mobile frozen dairy goodness. A****”

Sam found himself using it when he ran out of Jam!

“I used it on my toast when I run out of strawberry jam. Tasted wonderful”

One user seemed to have trouble keeping it in the zone

GF says its gets in her hair and is sticky!!”

Corey’s Mother-In-Law apparently lives for it

“Execellent sandwich spread mother in law loves it”

Dad’s Jam

“I ran out of strawberry jam and so I used this to put in the kids rice pudding. They couldn’t tell the difference and they’re pretty intelligent”

Mr. Maker needs his morning fix

“I love the taste of this stuff, you can even put it on your corn flakes! ?”

Replacing Mayo???

“me and the misses usually [sic] use yoghurt or mayo. this is nice olternative [sic] lol tasty the misses as a mouth full”

Fancy doing something weird and wonderful with your lube, Alix suggests,

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“If you’re determined to get creative with ’em, try making your own frozen flavoured ‘Lube Cubes’. Pour some of the gel into an ice cube tray, pop it in the freezer for a few hours to set, then when it’s ready, trail a cube over your lover’s skin during an intimate massage. Let it melt on their body for a thrilling, chilling sensation, then warm them up by following the trail of juicy flavour with your hot tongue.”

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