Taking fandom to a new level a Lady Gaga fan is offering anal sex and cock sucking to ANYBODY, just as long as they watch Gaga’s new video G.U.Y for one hour.

A 23 year-old is offering to suck cocks or ‘give up’ his ass in exchange for views on the new Lady Gaga video G.U.Y.

The personal, which was title: PLEASE HELP LADY GAGA( AKA) MOTHER MONSTER – m4m – 23 (WEST HOLLYWOOD) was uploaded to Craigslist to help Gaga achieve a Vevo record of most views. The unnamed guy said that he would stay up ‘day and night’ to service as many guys as he could.


The video currently has over 19million views on Vevo.

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The personal reads:
‘Hey guys..young 23 yo white 5’9 145 lean good looking versatile b hair ,hazel eyes.I’m willing to suck cocks or give my ass up in exchange for your views of lady gaga G.U.Y. video on you tube.This is how it works .You come in to my place I give you a link where you can view the video for at least one hour and it will reproduce several times ,so basically you will spend one hour in the computer then right after I can please you anyway you want as long as it is safe.We monsters are trying to break a VEVO record and it needs to happen within the next 12 hours. I will stay up all morning and day and do as many guys as I can in exchange for you to reproduce the video.I have posted my pictures so we minimize back and forth emails..please help and enjoy what i’m giving in exchange..hurry up time is up..mother monster rules..’

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