A new poll for BBC Radio 5 Live has revealed that 20% of British people are uncomfortable with same-sex marriage and would decline an invitation.

As the clock strikes midnight tonight gay marriage will become legal in the UK, with several couples around the country getting ready to tie the knot at 12.01AM – however a new poll has shown that 20% of Britons would refuse to accept an invitation.

The poll by ComRes for BBC Radio 5 Live found that 68% of people agreed that same-sex marriage should be permitted – with 26% opposing. 1007 people were surveyed.


It seems as though men are more uncomfortable with the idea, with 29% saying they would not attend compared to 16% of women.

18 to 34 year-olds are the most likely to support gay marriage with 80% backing the law. Only 44% of over 65s agree with the new law.

Nick Clegg announced this week that Whitehall would be flying the rainbow flag above its offices this week – from Midnight, to celebrate the enactment of the new law, which was originally voted on last year.

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