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“be an ally and respectful”

Gaydio presenter Matt Crabb has an important message to anyone who doesn’t identify as LGBT+ but who is partying at a gay club/bar this Christmas / New Year after he was homophobically abused while working as a DJ at a venue in Manchester.

The message is simple, “you’re a guest” and to be an ally and respect the place and its staff.


The presenter was working as a DJ at an LGBT venue when he had his earphones ripped off and was homophobically abused and called a “f*ggot” by a customer, who also demanded that he stop playing “gay sh*t”.

Luckily the club’s management and security was on hand and acted swiftly, removing the bigot from the club.

Matt wrote,

“Just a reminder to some straight people this Christmas. You are guests in our #LGBT venues. We are not an attraction, we are not here for you to be rude too or disrespectful. Don’t climb on the stage when you’ve been told not to…

Don’t pull the headphones off the DJ when they are trying to work, don’t tell them to stop playing ‘gay shit’ and call them a faggot when they won’t play your request.

“I’ve had to deal with all the above in the last 48 hours, it’s not fun. Do… come and party with us

Be an ally and respectful, tip bar staff and compliment entertainers on doing a good job

“This is a common occurrence”

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Speaking to THEGAYUK Matt Crabb said that after the incident “security were called and they removed instantly”

He went on to reveal that abuse like this is a common occurrence in gay bars across the country.

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Matt told us “It happens a lot in venues at this time of year, I’ve spoken to over friends who DJ on the scene in London/Cardiff who have similar stories”.

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