He’s giving his fans an eyeful for just $26 a month!

According to Queerty, the latest xrated picture that Aaron Carter has uploaded is that of a picture that leaked back in Feb – we must have missed that one TBH.

The account has been set up with his girlfriend and is called, “@aaronandmelanie

He made it official on the 3rd March tweeting,

So far the singer has posted 27 times, uploaded 17 photos and four videos.

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But that’s not the only service that the singer is prepared to offer. No, he’ll also rate pictures of you, for $50.

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As Queerty reports,

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Intrepid Twitter user JennyB has the scoop:

“#AaronCarter has his OnlyFans subscribers very frustrated and feeling scammed. On feb29 he uploaded a ‘Locked Photo’- it was $50 to unlock and it was the infamous shower photo. Mar7 he uploaded that same photo on the site for all subs to see.

My source sent me this SS last night. #AaronCarter now wants his subscribers on OF to send him pics and $50 and he will rate it.  This has disaster written all over it!”

Are you willing to pay to see Aaron’s parts?

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