Amazon slashes the price of the amazing Echo Spot and Show

The amazing Echo Show and Spot are on offer at Amazon, but you’ll have to act quick to benefit!

how to get Alexa or Echo cheap

Amazon has slashed the price of quite a few of its Echo devices meaning you can now get an Echo Spot (3rd Generation) for under £100 while you can get an Echo Show for £189.99 – that’s an incredible saving of £40.00.

The Echo Dot’s price remains at £49.99 and isn’t available until March – as the massive retailer catches up with back orders.

You could even get the Echo Smart speaker in Charcoal Fabric with £20.00 off – meaning you can snap it up for £69.99 and get with free delivery.

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The Echo devices are Amazon’s popular voice-controlled speakers or TV screens, with improved sound and audio detection over the previous versions of the device. They allow you to stream music, tv shows and even call, for free, anyone else with another Echo device. 

You can even use the clever Echo system to turn on and off lights,adjust thermostats, lock doors, find TV shows, and more with compatible connected devices.

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Unfortunately the Echo Spot won’t be available until March, with the earliest shipping date slated for the 16th March. However you can order it now and benefit from the lower price.


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