Amusing Site Of The Day Love Gods Way Gay Bands

Amusing Site Of The Day Love Gods Way Gay Bands

Sometimes when trawling through the internet I take a detour into the rather pathetic minds of the bigots out in the world… That’s why I’ve decided to create Amusing Site Of The Day.

Today’s Funny Site Of The Day award goes to:

This hilarious site, (no actually it’s hilarious) warns parents about the dangers of listening to GAY music from artists such as:









They recommend that you burn your kids CDs if they have any of the music on the “gay list” otherwise “the next thing you know you have a homosexual for a child”

Dammit gays! Stop making our children gay through your MUSIC. Which is very strange because most of the list aren’t even gay, lesbian, bi or trans. There is, however, an explanation for this:

“There are multiple levels of Gay Music. Some bands are what we like to call GATEWAY BANDS…”

No, wait it gets better….

“They lure children in with Pop Grooves and Salacious Melodies leaving them wanting more…”

This is actual science. You can’t argue with these kinds of facts… You can’t make this kind of thing up.

Congratulations for create a amusing site.

If you’re afraid that music might be turning you gay – feel free to email them: tell them the TheGayUK sends love and gayness.