It’s pretty scary reading when you look at the list of supporters for homophobic and discriminatory marriage petition from the Coalition for Marriage (C4M).

Even more shocking when you discover that topping the list is a number of public paid positions such as MPs and those more revered in society like Earls and Lords. Yes, those icons of political society, we as enabled voters have chosen to represent us.

As news surfaces of some rather contentious campaigning policies (as reported by Pinknews and The Guardian & here) which include obtaining the signatures of students as young as 11 to sign this anti-equality petition, questionable “grassroots” beginnings and unaccountable spikes in signature numbers, we’re left asking what right-minded, forward-thinking, representative of people in the UK, in 2012, still want their name attached to the campaign.


World leaders, including Barrack Obama and David Cameron, have had their views ‘evolved’ on the issue of marriage equality. Now is the time for our community to step up and be heard. The coalition for marriage’s stance is:

“I support the legal definition of marriage which is the voluntary union for life of one man and one woman to the exclusion of all others. I oppose any attempt to redefine it.”

This is a purely legal issue, not a religious debate. Therefore those who are signed up below are actively working against legal equality for the LGBT community in the UK.


Below we’ve listed those MPs who have signed the petition and linked to their personal or parliamentary pages so you can send them an email or phone them with your concerns and ask that they consider removing their name from a rather embarrassing homophobic and discriminatory lobby.

We’re also starting a twitter campaign #MPsAgainstEquality Please forward this articles on Facebook and Twitter, using that Hashtag. Those people who are actively seeking to discriminate against the LGBT community should be named and shamed.

The list below was found at


Baroness O’Cathain OBE, Conservative 020 7219 0662

Fiona Bruce MP, Conservative 020 7219 0742 MP for Congleton

David Burrowes MP, Conservative 020 7219 8144 MP for Enfield Southgate


Jim Dobbin MP, Labour 020 7219 4530 MP for Heywood and Middleton

Joe Benton MP, Labour 020 7219 6973 MP for Bootle

Rt Hon Ann Widdecombe


Edward Leigh MP, Conservative 020 7219 6480 MP for Gainsbourgh

Lord Curry of Kirkharle, Crossbench

David Nuttall MP, Conservative 020 7219 7030 MP for Bury North


Stewart Jackson MP, Conservative 020 7219 8286 MP for Peterbourgh

Bob Blackman MP, Conservative 020 219 7082 MP for Harrow East

Nigel Dodds MP, DUP 0207 219 8419 MP for Belfast North


Rt Hon Jeffrey Donaldson MP, DUP 0207 219 3407 MP for Lagan Valley

Sammy Wilson MP MLA, DUP 020 7219 8523 MP for East Antrim

David Simpson MP, DUP 020 7219 8533 MP for Upper Barn


Jim Shannon MP, DUP 020 7219 7160 MP for Strangford

Ian Paisley MP, DUP 020 7219 7716 MP for North Antrim

Sir Roger Gale MP, Conservative 020 7219 4087 MP for North Thanet

Julian Brazier TD MP, Conservative 020 7219 3000 MP for Canterbury

Peter Bone MP and Mrs Jennie Bone, Conservative 020 7219 8496 MP for Wellingborough

Jeremy Lefroy MP, Conservative 020 7219 7154 MP for Stafford

Craig Whittaker MP, Conservative 020 7219 7031 MP for Calder Valley

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Richard Drax MP, Conservative 020 7219 7051 MP for South Dorset

Robert Alexander Stewart MP, Conservative

Lord Brennan QC, Labour 020 7219 5353

Lord Stoddart of Swindon, Independent Labour Peer 020 7219 5402

Lord Maginnis of Drumglass, UUP 020 7219 8189

Lord Tombs, Crossbench

Earl of Shrewsbury & Talbot, Conservative
TheGayUK takes no responsibility for the use of external links. If at any point any of the above signatories decides to leave the petition we will amend this list accordingly.

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