Pop goddess Anastacia has revealed that she’d be open to a duet with Michelle Visage.

Get ready for the campest thing since Geri Halliwell’s single G-A-Y.

In an exclusive interview (out mid-November) with THEGAYUK, I’m Outta Love singer Anastacia has revealed that she would be up for a duet with Celebrity Big Brother star Michelle Visage. Speaking about their relationship Anastacia said,

“I’ve known Michelle since we were like in our early early twenties in New York!”

And when asked about the possibilty of a single released together she went on to say,

“That is something we have talked about… definitely. She my little Madonna.”

She went on to say,

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“What I see us doing – we would do a song and make all the money go to a HIV /AIDS charity – that is just something we would do!

“We would put it out not make a penny on it. I’d make sure we did a Pride Tour.

“That would just be fun. She could be my hostess and I could be up there just singing my ass off. I would have some drag queens up there too!”


Anastacia is currently in the UK promoting her new collection album, which is out tomorrow.

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