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The UK has a multitude of accents from Glaswegian to Brummie. But which one has been voted the most attractive?

Is Alan Cumming’s accent the sexiest?

Research carried out by YouGov in April, has shown that “Scottish” accents are the most attractive in the UK, leaving RP (received pronunciation – that’s the standard British accent – think BBC newsreaders and the home counties) in second and Welsh in third. The accents were voted, 20 per cent, 18 per cent and 11 per cent respectively.


Unfortunately for those living in the Midlands or Essex, the Brummie accent and the Towie accent didn’t place well – each received just 1 per cent of the vote.

Far outweighing the preference was the ‘don’t knowers’ and ‘don’t carers’ – 29 per cent of whom said they couldn’t give a flying monkey’s what accent was most attractive.

Don’t Know 29%


Scottish 20%

RP 18%

Welsh 11%


West Country 10%

Northern Ireland 8%

Mancunian 3%


Essex 1%

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Brummie 1%

The research doesn’t expand on which Scottish or Welsh accents are the most attractive.

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