Andrea Leadson has withdrawn from the Conservative leadership race.

By Policy Exchange (Flickr: Andrea Leadsom MP) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Gay marriage opponent Andrea Leadsom has withdrawn from the Prime Minister race, meaning that Theresa May will now become Brtain’s next Prime Minister.

The controversial candidate announced that she was no longer going to go ahead with her campaign to run the country.


Her withdrawal means that Theresa May, who has been the Home Secretary since 2010, will become the UK’s next Prime Minister.

The race for a new Prime Minister for the UK was triggered after David Cameron resigned from his position after the European Union referendum last month saw 52 per cent of the country voting to leave the EU.

Andrea Leadsom was criticised heavily during her campaign because of her views on key equality issues, such as same-sex marriage which she did not vote on in 2013 and said had caused “hurt” to Christians across the UK.





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