Another high-profile out MP has resigned from Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet.

MP Angela Eagle joins 27 other MPs who have resigned from Jeremy Corbyn’s opposition party. She follows Chris Bryant as two of the most prominent gay MPs to resign from the shadow cabinet.

She told the BBC that she made her decision to quit after not hearing from Mr. Corbyn for 24 hours. She criticised his lack of communication with his shadow cabinet.


A number of Labour’s MPs are upset at the apparent lack of leadership by Corbyn during the run up to the EU Referendum which saw the UK vote, by a slim majority to leave the European Union.

Ms. Eagle has stepped down in her role as the Shadow Business Secretary and First Secretary of State and hasn’t denied her own ambition to be the new leader of Labour, if Corbyn resigns or is forced out.

Taking to twitters Ms. Eagle said,

With deep regret, and after nine months of trying to make it work, I have today resigned from the Shadow Cabinet


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