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Ann Widdecombe is cancelled

Ann Widdecombe has had her one-woman show cancelled after suggesting that science may have an answer to homosexuality.

Ann Widdecombe has one less opportunity to spread her thoughts after a theatre company, Selladoor, scrapped an event at a venue in Ilfracombe, Devon, where the right-wing politician was due to host a one-woman show, next March.

The decision to cancel the show follows on from an interview on Sky News in which Widdecombe suggested that science may “produce an answer” to homosexuality – a comment which has led to a huge backlash against the Brexit Party politician.

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David Hutchison, Selladoor’s chief executive – posted on Twitter, “Absolutely disgusted at Ann Widdecombe’s comments.

“Took no time in immediately cancelling her planned ‘evening with’ event at one of our venues.


“We will never provide a stage for these vile people.”



During her time in office as the MP for Maidstone and The Weald, Ann Widdecombe voted against every piece of pro-LGBT+ or equalising legislation for the gay community in the UK.

In 2003 she voted to maintain Section 28 in schools and in 1998 she voted against the law to equalise the age of consent. Between 1998 and 2009 she was involved in 17 votes pertaining to LGBT+ rights – 13 of which she voted against and the other four she was absent from, according to

Ann Widdecombe’s career as an MP was ended in 2010.


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