A pride event which has come under immense criticism for banning drag performers at its event is planning a fundraising film night by showing a film about a drag queen.

UPDATE: Free Pride has now announced it has overturned their ban on drag performers.

Glasgow based Free Pride, is hoping to run a fundraiser for it’s “anti-capitalist” pride by showing a film called Pay It No Mind: The Life And Times Of Marsha P Johnson, a drag queen who was instrumental in the Stonewall riots in 1969.


However, the pride event has been condemned after announcing a policy banning “cis” drag performers at its event, in favour of allowing trans or non-binary drag acts to perform, a move which has commenters questioning the legality of the policy as it could breach the Equality Act 2010.

The pride event has been scheduled on 22nd August in direct competition with Glasgow Pride. Writing in THEGAYUK, Warwickshire Pride founder Daniel Browne called the move “confrontational”.

Gay right advocate Michelle Visage called the move to ban drag queen performers as “Bullsh*t”


The fundraiser event, which is being advertised on Facebook is due to take part this Saturday.

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TheGayUK has reached out to Free Pride for comment.

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