Day: 22 July 2015

  • There Are Just 20 Openly Gay Athletes In This Year’s Olympics

    According to there are twenty openly gay and lesbian athletes competing at the 2012 Olympics in London this summer.

  • Channel Island Gay Pride Starts Fundraising

    An organisation called Liberate Jersey has started a fundraising campaign to start a gay pride event in September. The crowdfunder is looking to raise £2500 to help launch the very first LGBT+ Pride, because the organisers state, “it’s long overdue”. Homosexuality has been legal in Jersey since 1990 and same-sex couple has been able to […]

  • MR SHOWBIZ Set To Release Single

    The man who screamed “Showbiz” at anyone who would listen during this year’s Big Brother is set to record and release a single, called… you guessed it Showbiz. Simon Gross, who was the first housemate to be booted and then reinstated became known for his “Showbiz” catchphrase which he shouted constantly during his first few […]

  • Emmerich Stonewall Film Has Oscar Desires

    Film producer and director Roland Emmerich is eyeing up Oscar inclusion with a film dedicated to the Stonewall riots of 1969. The film documents the Stonewall riots. The protests, which happened around the Stonewall Inn in New York, were the results of a gay community relentlessly discriminated against and bullied by the police force in […]

  • Anti-Drag Pride To Fund Event With Drag Film Fundraiser

    A pride event which has come under immense criticism for banning drag performers at its event is planning a fundraising film night by showing a film about a drag queen. UPDATE: Free Pride has now announced it has overturned their ban on drag performers. Glasgow based Free Pride, is hoping to run a fundraiser for […]

  • Top 17 Essential Gay Films

    Whether you love screamers or creamers, romances or “the call is coming from with in the house types” there are a lot of amazing gay films out there. THEGAYUK’s Aaron Holloway lists his top 17 essential gay and lesbian films   Make the Yuletide Gay When Olaf Gunnunderson returns home for the holidays, his college […]