Leaflets which urge householders not to support gay pride in Margate have been distributed through the letterboxes of Kent homes just days before the annual pride.

The homophobic leaflet, which was delivered through the letterboxes of hundreds of homes in Margate urges residents to stay away from the pride parade and that Margate will never be MarGAYte.

Margate’s pride parade returns this year on the 29th August. The parade will start at 11am from the Lido car park.


The leaflet also seemingly links homosexuality with paedophilia as it calls for residents to “save yourself and your children”


The highly offensive note has been derided by the local community with volunteer pride co-ordinator Tony Butcher telling the KentOnline.co.uk,

“This is a horrendous act and these people are inciting a riot.

“The comments are absurd, we are people who like other people of the same sex and to suggest we are paedophiles is absolutely ridiculous.”



This is not the first time a pride event has been targeted by a malicious maildrop in 2014 households in Brighton received an anti-gay flyer and in November 2014 residents in Ely, Cambridgeshire also received a homophobic note through the door.

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