If you fancy being imprisoned in a room floored with orange faux grass, ceilinged with a projector screen, housing a cow-sized white rabbit with robot eyes for 70mins – read on.

Think Krypton Factor meets Crystal Maze with a touch of the Tetris. No actors – you make your own entertainment with sounds effects, flashing lights, titbits of music and complete strangers – not for the socially inept.
Director Rachel Briscoe has built an interactive digital play-space with the intension of provoking, drawing out leaders and forcing you to collaborate – office team-building day anyone?
Afternoon slots not recommended for those with an aftermath Hendrick’s fuzzy-head, or if you’re not feeling your scintillating and sparkling best. But, after a few sharpeners, in the evening with a couple of chums this could be quite fun.

Rachel Briscoe’s take on her creation: “Invisible Treasure is all about the invisible systems – the internet, electricity, the financial markets – that shape our lives, and how we react to them. There’s no actors – we want audiences to locate power in themselves and each other, rather than this other class of person. We are really excited by all the new theatrical ‘toys’ that the collaboration with Hellicar&Lewis brings – it’s as close to magic as we’ve ever got!”
Ovalhouse, 52-54 Kennington Oval, London SE11 5SW, Tuesday 27th October – Saturday 14th November 2015
Tickets are available priced £12 (£7 concessions) Available from Ovalhouse Box Office and: www.ovalhouse.com – 020 7582 7680.
Invisible treasure finishes on 14th November.

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by Thabian Sutherland

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