Vincent Price, the star of many horror films, is being celebrated by having his own tour.

The Vincent Price London Legacy Tour celebrates not only the actor’s legendary horror roles, but also his great love for London. It’s where he got the acting bug while studying art at the age of 24.Price was born in St. Louis, MIssouri in 1911 but it wasn’t until the 1960’s that London became his second home. It’s also where he met his third wife and where some of his most iconic horror screen roles were born.

The tour, which is a first for the capital, will be led by Victoria Price, Vincent’s daughter, and who has come out as a Lesbian. Victoria is a designer, art consultant, author, and public speaker who wrote the critically acclaimed book about her father ‘Vincent Price: A Daughter’s Biography’ published in 1999, and reissued in 2014.

She will speak about her dad, meet with fans, and help keep the memory of her father alive. The five day event will include a tour of Kensal Green Cemetery, which was a location for the film ‘Theatre of Blood,’ followed by a half day excursion on Thursday, Nov. 5th to Grim’s Dyke Hotel in Middlesex, which was the llcation of ‘Cry of the Banshee.’ On Friday November 6th Victoria will present a multi-media presentation about her father at Barts Pathology museum in the City of London. On Saturday November 7th a breakfast at Harrods is planned and which will mark the 50th anniversary reprint of Vincent and his wife Mary’s cookbook ‘A Treasury of Great Recipes.’ And finally on Sunday November 8th there will be a full day tour in Lavenham, Suffolk, which was the prime location of Price’s 1968 film ‘Witchfinder General.’
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Vincent Price starred in dozens of films, but is best known for his distinctive voice and performances in horror films, which included ‘House of Usher’ (1960), ‘The Pit and the Pendulum’ (1961), ‘The Raven’ (1963), ‘The Mask of Red Death’ (1964) and most famously ‘House of Wax’ (1953), and ‘The Fly’ (1958).

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Price died in Los Angeles as the age of 82 of lung cancer in Los Angeles, California.

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