A conceptual artist has apparently cut off his nipples and his belly button to sell them on eBay.

London based Artist Karim Boumjimar has apparently cut off both his nipples and his belly button and is planning to sell them on eBay.

Taking to his Twitter account Mr Boumjimar said that nipples “are useless” and since he’s removed his nipples and belly button he’s become very fast at swimming.


The Spanish-Moroccanaritst, who is now based in London has filled his social channels with pictures of his bare – nippleless chest showing the results of his surgey, which appears to be completely scarless.

He plans on selling his nipples, which both have piercings through them, on eBay and he is planning to make a necklace out of his belly button. He is hoping to sell for £500 to £1000 to help paid for the cost of surgery.



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The claims have made many question the authenticity of the pictures uploaded to his social media. Some have suggested that he photoshopped his nipples and belly button out. However according to an interview with Dazed he had them removed in Bosnia, and plans to go back this summer to have more body alterations.



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When asked if it was real, he added, “Oh, no no it’s real.”

Mr. Boumjimar also has a shop in which he sells his art, which includes an Aldi plastic bag vest top, reduced from £1000 to £200, MacDonald’s salt packet earings for £5.00 and “Organic” cigarette earrings for £15.00.

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