The world seems to be full of huge, chunky earphones/headphones – you’re nobody if you don’t wear huge “cans”…


Except, they don’t necessarily give you the best fit or sound. I prefer in-ear headphones, buds that sit inside your ear, snuggly and giving you excellent music pleasure.

These new earphones from RHA, the S500i gives you style and substance in one tiny, well-designed package.

As with this style of headphone, the S500i is lightweight and comfortable to use and wear – mainly being down to the big quality aluminium used in the production of these beauties. Add to that a fabric cord and an easy to use mic/volume control and you have a future classic. These come with a selection of dual-density replaceable ear tips that ensure you don’t disturb the other commuters!


The 1.35m fabric cable gives you more than enough cable to pop your phone in your pocket and still do the head bop to your favourite tunes without dislodging the earbuds. The lightweight, aluminium construction helps to make it feel like you’re not wearing anything – in your ears…

The selection of replaceable ear tips means a snug fit but also keeps your earphones clean and tidy. This is something I’ve struggled with using the white ones supplied by “you-know-who”.

Now I love my cheesy music, and sometimes I want to listen to it without the judgement looks from those around me – you know who you are. So, the fact that these lovely things actually do what they say they will and keep the noise in your ears, rather than anyone else, is a bonus for me. I can look like I’m listening to Megadeath or Mahler, instead of actually bopping away to Steps or Scootch.

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I’m biased when it comes to this type of earbud, I prefer my headphones small and easy to transport/store so these are ideal. My only negative is, as usual, the fact the cord tangles – but this is something that happens with all headphones so it’s no major issue. They come with a lovely drawstring pocket to keep them safe and tidy so at least RHA are thinking about how to transport them and try to keep them tangle free.

The Positive

Lightweight aluminium

Changeable ear tips

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Fabric cord

The Negative

Not aimed at RHA, but I wish someone could design a tangle-free cord?

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