Vauxhall, Camden and Dalston have been revealed as the most gay friendly neigbourhoods in London.

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Data collected from a new dating app has shown that Vauxhall and Camden have topped the neighbourhoods as the most gay friendly in London.


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, Tab Dating revealed the areas in the capital where people get the most matches and which areas have the highest ‘like’ rate if you’re holding out for a date.

The two gay friendly neigbourhoods were revealed as Vauxhall and Camden which were closely followed by Dalston. Both Vauxhall, in south London and Camden, in north London have had a long history of serving the gay community with clubs and bars. In recent years the gay scene in Vauxhall and Camden have gone through a radical change, with numerous closures. Most recently The Black Cap in Camden was closed and last year the Royal Vauxhall Tavern had a much publicised battle to remain open. London’s largest gay sauna in Vauxhall is set to be demolished.

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The stats show that South London in general boasts 60% more lesbian and gay pairings than in West London.


Data also showed that users of the dating service were more likely to get matches if they were based in Vauxhall with 60 per cent more same-sex pairings than in the west of the city. Camden and Dalston came a close second and third.

Looking deeper into the data the service found that users in Clapham, Peckham, Kingston and Richmond were most active in looking for love in the morning. Men in Camden were found to be the quickest browsers of all users spending less than 10 seconds to decided on whether they liked someone or not.

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