Austin And James The Most Likely To “F”

Rumours and gossip are all the rage and Celebrity Big Brother’s Jenna Jameson thinks that James and Austin are the couple most likely to “F”

Speaking with Teen Mom Farrah and Janice Dickinson, former porn star Jenna Jameson commented on the blossoming bromance between former Apprentice star James Hill and reality star Austin Armacost, saying:

‘The only two people that are like getting sexually crazy are the two guys together. It’s so ironic. We are like these sexually powerful girls and ….they are the most likely to F.’

Later on, during a discussion with James, Jenna quizes him about his bedroom antics with Austin saying,

“I heard this whole thing last night, he was like naked in your bed asking you to massage his hamstring, he pulled down his pants…I don’t know why you don’t shut it down.”


James replied,

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“He has not tried to come on to me once…the minute he tries to f***ing try and touch me I’ll be in bed with Bobby Davro.”

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