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  • Dan Osborne speaks about why Rodrigo Alves left CBB

    Dan Osborne speaks about why Rodrigo Alves left CBB

    Hunky Dan Osborne has revealed the reason why “human Ken doll” Rodrigo Alves was booted from the Celebrity Big Brother house. The reason has been shrouded in mystery. 

  • COMMENT | Does the Roxanne incident highlight an ugly truth amongst us?

    COMMENT | Does the Roxanne incident highlight an ugly truth amongst us?

    Should the accuser of abuse always be believed? Writer Scott looks at how Roxanne Pallett’s actions may set back victims of abuse. For those of you that have not been following the whole thing here is a summary of what the Roxanne incident is. And for the record, I don’t follow Big Brother, but having […]

  • Rylan hints that Celebrity Big Brother could go on for another two years

    Rylan hints that Celebrity Big Brother could go on for another two years

    Big Brother is 18-years-old. Hard to believe but this year marks the 18th series of Big Brother and the 22nd of Celebrity Big Brother. It was widely reported that this season of the British version would be the last, on Channel 5 at least

  • Courtney Act wins Celebrity Big Bro, Year of the Woman

    After 32 days and for the final time, Emma Willis addressed the Celebrity Big Brother house and announced live that this series’ winner, who received the most votes was Courtney Act and Ann Widdecombe as runner-up. CBB’s champion left the house to cheers from the crowd, greeted by Emma. Courtney confirmed, “This is just amazing! […]

  • OPINION | Celebrity Big Brother: I feel I’ve been watching a long-running pro-Tory commercial

    Big Brainwashing. Why does Big Brother want us to love dangerous Ann Widdecombe? Yes, I admit it: I’ve been watching Celebrity Big Brother for the first time in years. Hearing it was the Year of the Women I was intrigued. Hearing that there were, to be frank, political discussions hooked me. Little did I know […]

  • The Show-Bromance is over as Andrew is evicted from Big Brother

    It was such a beautiful thing… Andrew and Courtney’s showmance is officially over as Apprentice star, Andrew Brady is evicted from the Big Brother house. Viewers had been voting to save Andrew, Daniel, Jonny or Shane J. Last night – in a triple eviction – Emma Willis revealed live to the house that Andrew and […]

  • Ann Widdecombe calls same-sex love “disgusting”

    “Don’t be disgusting” Ann Widdecombe, who during her time as a Conservative MP, voted against gay rights consistently, called the love between fellow housemates Shane J (Courtney Act) and Andrew Brady “disgusting”. In last night’s episode after Shane J joked to Ann, “You might not respect our marriage Ann but you have to recognise our love!” Ann […]

  • Just what did Courtney Act and Andrew Brady get up to in BB’s toilet?

    “Push it in” Just what exactly happened between Apprentice star Andrew Brady and drag queen Courtney Act? The pair were spotted by Big Brother entering a toilet together – where there are no cameras. “There’s a lot more fun to be had” @courtneyact talks to @itsandrewbrady about the public saving him, but what did they […]

  • Courtney waxes Andrew’s bum

    Courtney de-fluffs Andrew’s arse… And she really goes for it. In tonight’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother, Andrew Brady gets his arse waxed by Courtney Act – Take one straight lad, one drag queen, add some wax strips and you’ve got yourself probably the most homoerotic moment of the series. First off, Andrew’s jeans are lowered […]

  • COMMENT | India Willoughby: Attention seeking or something more?

    So we have yet another ‘celebrity’ making noises about the world of LGBT. Except for this time, in a slight change of pace, it’s from one of our own. India Willoughby is one of the contestants (now ex) of the Celebrity Big Brother house and has caused somewhat of a stir with her comments about drag […]

  • India Willoughby is the first evictee from Celebrity Big Brother

    Controversial housemate, India Willoughby is the first housemate to be evicted from Celebrity Big Brother. On Tuesday night, Emma Willis entered the Celebrity Big Brother house and surprised the sixteen housemates with live face-to-face nominations. The girls voted in a showdown that left India and Jonny up for the public vote. Since Tuesday, viewers have […]