In a cruel twist CBB hunk, Austin Armacost was booted from last night eviction show, despite being saved by the public.

Austin Armacost became the second celebrity to be evicted from the CBB house in last night’s broadcast after housemates voted him the “dullest” celebrity. Austin secured three votes from his fellow celebs, which saw him evicted in a shocking double eviction twist.

The Housemates were told to “cull the dull” by host Emma. They selected as follows: Austin chose Stacy, Bianca chose James C, Calum chose James J, Coleen opted for Bianca, Speidi chose Austin, James C chose Jedward, James J chose Calum, Jamie chose Calum, Jasmine chose James C, Jedward chose Austin, Nicola chose Jedward and Stacy chose Austin.

Austin looked down-hearted as he left the Big Brother house after just 11 days.


Austin looked visibly shocked by the result and in a double slam, his housemates barely noticed his departure after three new housemates entered the house. He left the house to a mixture of cheers and boos from the crowd.

Austin entered the house as an “all-star” having previously managed to place runner-up to James Hill in the 2015 series.

On how it felt to be out Austin told Emma Willis, “Such is life, I said there would be another one (eviction), everyone knows that’s bulls**t, I’m not the dullest one in the house.”

So swift was his exit that BB hadn’t even prepared his “best bits”.

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Austin greeted his fans on Twitter, by saying that he didn’t want to leave that way but that’s the way the CBB cookie crumbles.

Angie Best was evicted after the public failed to vote for her, she became the first evictee from this season of CBB.

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