Yep, that’s twice now CBB’s Austin has dropped the C bomb on Janice.

Austin Armacost is not Janice Dickinson’s fan, not by a long stretch, after calling the “world’s first supermodel” a c**t twice in 48 hours.

Austin’s rant at Janice happened after a week of arguments, which came to a boiling point after Janice nominated Austin not to receive a letter from home after she screwed up the task to enable housemates to get a letter from a loved one. In a show of solidarity, Janice threw her letter away but was given it to read by Big Brother later on.

In tonight’s episode, Austin’s anger at the mother of two seemed to have gotten the better of him after going on a rampage.

He said,

“You are a terrible example of a women and a mother, your children would be so embarrassed, you’re f**king the worst excuse for a women ever.”

To which Janice sticks her fingers up at Austin and tells him to “kiss my a*s.”


Austin responds,

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“You’re such a good mother to throw your middle fingers up on National Television, you f**king embarrassment of a mother, you should be ashamed.”

At this point Janice hides under the covers, while Austin lands the blow,

“That’s right, I didn’t think you had anything to say, you stupid c**t.”

He then criticises her lifestyle and job by saying,

“What an embarrassment to society, run around with your tits out and you’re spreading your legs. You’re just such a nasty excuse for a woman…miserable…who has to pop from reality show to reality show like you do to f**king get a pay cheque. Get a job, learn a trade, get some education, you stupid f**king b*tch.”

He goes to Big Brother to calm down and speaks about his family including about his mother’s arrest and jail time has affected him.

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“I have done nothing but be honest and truthful with everybody in this House and that is why from the start I wanted to share about my brother and my mom, because I’m f**king p*ssed off. I had to bury my brother and then send my mom to prison. I saw my mom for a week before I came to London and I come back to Huddersfield and see this amazing family that my husband has and that p*sses me off because my family is self-destructive.”

Austin’s mother, Karen Armacost was sentenced to six years in jail for theft. She pleaded guilty to stealing $681,000 over four years from her former employee.

After speaking to Big Brother he goes back into the house and says,

“That was bang out of order to say those things. I’m not going to make excuses, it was f**ked up and inappropriate by any means that is an understatement. It’s absolutely the last things that should have come out my mouth.”

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