Austin Armacost's latest photo got fans confused - thinking that he had revaled a bit too much!

Austin Armacost’s latest photo got fans confused – thinking that he had revealed a bit too much!

Celebrity Big Brother star Austin Armacost is never afraid to shed a few clothes for his fans but this latest picture has got viewers doing a double take as he shows off a new range of undies, called Surge. The latest picture, posted to Instagram, Austin is showcasing a pair of grey briefs, however, it looks as though he’s accidentally shared a bit too much, with a tattoo looking like the tip of his penis poking out the side of his undies.

It is, in fact, a tattoo, but it’s pink and looks, at first glance, like the head of a penis!

Fans were quick to respond to the picture with many having to take a second and closer look at the photo the reality TV star had uploaded,

One user pointed out “Your tattoo looks like your tip is peaking out” another fan added, “At a quick glance, it looks like your tip is showing”.


Others were more amused by Austin’s “hangage” with one pointing out that it must have been warm in the studio because there’s a lot of “hangage”.