During a radio interview, US Republican representative, Michelle Bachmann said that gay people were pushing for multiple marriages and to repeal age of consent laws.

In the interview, Michele Bachmann, who is infamous for her anti-gay views said that gay people not only wanted to be celebrated but to ultimately change laws to allow for multiple marriage and the repeal of age of consent laws, so that adults could have sex with children.


She argues that the gay community’s ultimate goal was too ‘not allow for diversity of opinion on this issue, because they don’t wanna be celebrated, they want to force everyone, to not only to agree with them but to also to have to finance their agenda.’

Continuing she said that the gay community was working to, ‘abolish age of consent laws, which means we will do away with statutory rape laws so that adults will be able to freely prey on little children sexually. That’s the deviance that we’re seeing embraced in our culture today.’

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Earlier this week Bachmann said there was a ‘chance’ that she would run for Presidency again in 2016 after a failed attempt in 2012.

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