Ahh… the sweet smell of spring… and it’s coming from my cup. Gone are the evenings of the mulled wines and ciders, the hot toddies, and as much as we want it to be, summer isn’t quite here so it doesn’t seem right to be shoving umbrellas in fruity long drinks  with sugared rims… yet.

Here are some sips for spring that I feel match the season perfectly.

It’s also worth mentioning that where reviewed on Amazon these products have scored highly in the 5 star range, as well as the nod from us…

Licor43. Spain’s number 1 selling liqueur, and after tasting this I now know why. A special blend of 43 ingredients, hence its name. For me it is similar to Tuaca (a favourite amongst us Brightonians reading this).

Tussock Jumper Moscato Rose Wine. This light and spritzer-like rosé has great sweet and citrusy flavours making it a perfect fit for a dessert wine. It does have a surprise element to it as you don’t expect it to be bubbly, but it does make a lovely twist.

The Wild Geese Irish Honey Liqueur. A premium smooth whiskey that is blended with 100% pure natural honey.

It really is a smoothy this one and I love the honey element adding a touch of sweetness to a drink that would normally make my face screw up rather unattractively.

Qcumber Sparkling Drink. A refreshing and light sparkling water with no preservatives, artificial colours, sweeteners, or flavouring. Just the natural essence of cucumber infused with fizzy spring water, made here in the UK.

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A touch sweet but not overly so. Lovely solo with ice, but this would go amazingly with a pitcher of Pimms. Alternatively, stick your gin in it!

Pimento. With sweet and spicy flavours set to be a food trend for 2015, what’s to not say this combo can’t translate into drinks? Only recently available in the UK, Pimento is an alcohol free ginger beer with a fiery kick.

This is so refreshing and I love how they have captured the chilli element in a strong but not overpowering flavour. If you’re having a night off the sauce then check out their range of mocktail recipes at; www.pimentodrink.com

I love Cawston’s Beetroot & Apple press before exercising, but it’s really great to see Cawston developing their brand further with their new range of vegetable / fruit drinks. 750Ml packs in Sweet Greens, Sunshine Blend, and Radiant Roots varieties. Never from concentrate and all natural. Coming soon to shelves for Spring.

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The first sunny evenings of spring always have me heading for a chilled cider. Rekorderlig have a wide range of flavoured ciders for those who like to break the apple norm. A personal favourite is their new limited edition passionflower cider.

Made from passionfruit and Swedish spring water this is one to sip with the sun shining on your face as you dream of the Swedish guy that sadly wasn’t there to  serve it to you.

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