During last night’s episode of Big Brother UK, Manchester based law student Adjoa Mensah came out as gay to some of her fellow housemates. Which caused them all to question her.

We thought those days of coming out and causing shock were over, but apparently not in Big Brother, as demonstrated by the reactions from Big Brother housemates who couldn’t quite believe that Adjoa, 22, is gay. Despite never hiding the fact, housemates reacted with a variety of clichéd lines which included:

“You go gurlll… Are you really?” said Harriet Jackson, 22, in surprise.

“Do you know what I wouldn’t have guessed it though!” said Twin Amy Broadbent

“Have you ever been with guys?” chipped in her sister, Sally.

Adjoa shakes her head.

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Kieran question: “Never ever? You can never rule it out then?”

Adjoa, whose first language is Dutch, took the questioning with good grace and replied: “That’ the one thing I don’t want to experience.”

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To which Kieran replied: “Why?” and talked about how shocked he was about her revelation.

Adjoa who is also a committed Christian later went into the big brother to admit that she has a crush on Sarah saying: “Sarah is so lovely, and she’s hot and is just so sexy!”

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