All hail the local chippy – as fish and chips has been voted the nation’s favourite British dish, says new research.

A poll of 2,000 Brits revealed the traditional seaside fare to beat the roast dinner, Victoria Sponge and the Cornish Pasty to come top of Britain’s favourite meals and snacks.

Bacon butties, baked beans and Shepherd’s Pie also ranked highly in the list of 40, along with buttered crumpets and a cream tea.

A proud 43 per cent of the adults polled even said British cuisine is the best in the world.

Tom Lowes, Marketing Manager at Sykes Cottages who commissioned the survey for the ‘Discover Cornwall’ food and drink guide, said:

“Over the years the nation’s tastes have become increasingly international when it comes to food.

“We want to try flavours from all over the world, and it’s great that it’s so available to us.

“But we Brits are undoubtedly spoilt when it comes to great local cuisine, and the results are proof that we still get excited by it.

“The top three are firm British favourites, but the list demonstrates that regional delicacies whet the nation’s appetite too.’’

The research showed seven in ten of the adults to rate a fish supper as the top traditional British meal – preferably straight out of newspaper at the seaside.

The traditional roast dinner complete with gravy and Yorkshire puddings came second, ideally eaten at Sunday lunchtime in a decent British pub.

While a full English breakfast usually consisting of bacon, sausages, baked beans and fried eggs made up the iconic top three.

One in eight said fry-ups are most satisfying on a Sunday morning – other food made tastier by an event included a hot pie at a football match, and strawberries and cream while watching tennis.

Those with a sweet tooth voted apple crumble, Victoria sponge and a classic Bakewell tart into the top 40 list, as well as pub favourite Sticky Toffee Pudding and custard.

While some quintessential English snacks such as buttered crumpets, sausage rolls and Scotch eggs also featured in the list.

Regional grub including Scotland’s haggis and tatties, London’s jellied eels and the famous Cornish pasty were deemed great examples of British fare, said the poll.

And the chippy was shown to be a trove of Brit favourites, as the list also featured the Northern picks of mushy peas and chips with gravy.

While further pub classics appeared in the form of bangers and mash, ham, egg and chips and a Ploughman’s lunch.

When it came to washing it down, the top drink was unsurprisingly revealed as a cup of builder’s brew.

For 13 per cent it was a pint of real ale that epitomises Britain, while one in ten said a tall glass of Pimms was their chosen Brit classic.

Adults are patriotic when it comes to food – as 43 per cent said British food is the best in the world, with the West Country nabbing the crown for the best regional cuisine.

But a Sunday lunch was most brag-worthy, as half admitted they would serve up traditional roast dinner to international guests, followed by a fruit crumble and a cheese platter.

Tom Lowes of Sykes Cottages said,

“When travelling, sampling local food is a great way of getting to know the local area.

“And we should remember that this is as relevant in Britain, as it is with international holidays.’’


1. Fish ‘n’ chips

2. Roast dinner with Yorkshire pudding

3. Full English breakfast

4. Bacon butties

5. Apple crumble

6. Strawberries and cream

7. Bangers and mash

8. Cream tea

9. Shepherd’s Pie

10. Crumpets

11. Ham, egg and chips

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12. Sausage rolls

13. Cornish ice cream

14. Baked beans

15. Victoria Sponge

16. Toad in the hole

17. Sticky Toffee Pudding and custard

18. Cornish Pasty

19. Steak and kidney pie

20. Pork pie

21. Bakewell Tart

22. Ploughman’s lunch

23. Chips and gravy

24. Rhubarb and custard

25. Scampi

26. Prawn cocktail

27. Mushy peas

28. Marmite

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29. Cheese and pickle on crackers

30. Scotch eggs

31. Cornish fudge

32. Spotted Dick

33. Irish stew and dumplings

34. Chelsea buns

35. Eccles cakes

36. Pea and ham soup

37. Cucumber sandwiches

38. Haggis and tatties

39. Cockles and mussels

40. Jellied eels

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