So unless you’re not keeping up with the goss, Big Brother‘s love birds, Ryan and Hughie split up – but don’t fret they’re back together.

So three weeks ago, Ryan and Hughie split – with Ryan saying that Hughie was an “amazing person” and that splitting up was the “most heartbreaking” thing he had ever done. He said they had split because they are “different people”.

However, today, taking to his Instagram, Ryan said that it was all back on… HURRAH!


Taking to social, Ryan said,

“(we) have decided to get back together and try make things work! After time apart we have realised what we want and that we don’t want to chuck away the last year of our relationship!”

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He then finished his message with a flurry of naughty emojis.

Oh, you guys! Glad to see you are back together.