BIG BROTHER: Scott Admits Feelings For Straight Mate Arron Lowe

Big Brother’s only gay contestant has revealed his love for fellow housemate Arron Lowe.

The former Avon rep and Exeter University alumni confessed his feelings to Caroline Wharram while brushing his teeth.

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Scott revealed:

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“I’m gonna love Arron for the rest of my life. And don’t worry, I’m going to bring all that ‘gay’, I’m going to bring that out.

“We’ve had our little exchange of glances – I know what’s going on in that mind. But all I’ll say is, I think there’s [something between us].

“It’s just me in this little imaginary world I’m in, ‘Oh, Arron loves me! I love Arron – let’s get together’.

“Oh yes, one flick of the hair and a smile at me and that’s it. I’m just like a little giggling schoolgirl. Well I’m like that most of the time anyway.”

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