Well which name do we call you honey? It’s no longer Cole you know, surely you can’t go back to Tweedy after you’ve had Cole? We’ve done the sums and it just doesn’t work out.

It seems as though Chezer is back with a smash. Call My Name is destined to be number one, not just because she’s the “nations’ sweetheart” but because the comeback single is a a cracker of a tune. Despite receiving mix reviews from the general twitter population and critics alike we’ve discovered that we can’t stop singing it, once it’s been switched off, forgetting it’s copycat nature. Mainly because Calvin Harris is the original dance remixer. Who cares if David Guetta & [insert artist] have already done this type of collaboration. This is another, get over it people.

Cheryl isn’t trail blazing here, unlike her Girls Aloud days, Call My Name is very much of a type and fits neatly into the sounds of 2011/2012. Rave-y sounds, four to the floor, simple lyrics to the chorus, and red hot compression – it sounds like a summer hit. Plus it has Oh oh ohs in it, so it’s a Gay hit. That’s Gay science for you. Put Oh oh ohs or ah ah ahs in and you’ve got an instant Gay hit.

Call My Name is the first single off Cheryl’s third album Million Lights which is due for release on the 18th June.

Better than The Flood, not as good as Fight For This Love.





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