Veteran comedian Bobby Davro and “Teen Mom” Farrah are the most likely to be evicted in the next Celebrity Big Brother eviction – which is a fake.

Bobby Davro who called Farrah the “ugliest” person he had ever had to spend time with are the couple most likely to be fake evicted from the house this Friday.

In a double twist, two celebrities will be “evicted” and then thrust into a secret room to watch over the house and then be reunited with their fellow housemates – however in a double twist the remaining housemates will know that they are being watched over by the two evictees.

“Things became incredibly heated between Bobby and Farah during the face to face nominations and it would make for great TV if they were thrust together with no hope of escape,” said William Hill spokesman Joe Crilly.

William Hill reckon that the warring Bobby and Farah will be thrust together during Friday’s fake eviction. Farrah is 1/20 to go into the room while Bobby is also odds on at 8/13.

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Farrah has become one of the most unpopular housemates, having now being put up for eviction. She has been criticised by viewers for seemingly using homophobic language and suggestions whilst in the house.

She called Gail Porter and Natasha lesbians as an insult to upset them, as part of a shopping task and called Austin Armacost a “gay homo”. Farrah’s language caused Gail to leave the room.

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She also suggested that former Apprentice star James Hill was “slip/slide”, in relation to his Bromance with Austin.

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