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Bobby Norris opens up about vile homophobia and cyber bullying

TOWIE Star reveals the extent of online trolling that happens to him.

In a heartbreaking video, TOWIE star Bobby Norris reveals that he has been the subject of cruel cyberbullying including waking up to a vile homophobic slur and body shaming.

Taking to Instagram, in a video, Bobby told his 792,000 fans that while normally he lets “trolls be trolls”, he had to speak out about the latest onslaught of cyber trolling, which included a horrific anti-gay slur.

“Hello guys. I just wanted to do a quick message because I’ve seen a lot of stuff online and on social media written about me.


“For example, [that] I’ve had a face lift done and had a chin reduction which is all news to me.

“Quite bad anxiety and my confidence is often quite low”


The star also revealed that he suffers from anxiety attacks and admitted that his confidence was “quite low”.

He said, “Now, those of you who don’t know, I do suffer with quite bad anxiety and my confidence is often quite low. When you read what people say about you sometimes, there’s no wonder why people feel like that.

He added: ‘Apparently I’m fat, I’m the Human Ken Doll. Nine times out of ten, I just bite my tongue and I’ll let trolls be trolls.’


Today I’ve had to do this video because to wake up and see that I’ve been called a ‘vile f****t’ is completely disgusting.

‘It’s homophobic and I really think the person who wrote that should question their own life”.

Many of his fans congratulated him for calling out the trolls and told him to only take heed of the positive message sent by his fans.



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