Ok, I openly admit it. I’m a sci-fi fan and also partial to the odd bit of erotic fiction so combining the two into one story is my ideal read!

The plot in this short story is simple. It’s the future, pilots navigate between distant planets, shuttling goodies around to keep mankind alive and well and out there amongst the planets on far flung bases.

In the first few pages, Stevie uses his power of description to introduce us to the two main characters, painting a vivid picture of life aboard one of these shuttles, ferrying back and forth, in very close proximity!

Stevie has done a good job here in that he’s managed to find that balance between plot, detail and sex. In this genre its far too easy to have too much of one and not enough of the other areas, leaving you with a one-handed read or a lack-lustre second rate sci-fi novella.

This is neither. At around 100 pages, it isn’t a heavy read and the plot keeps pace. With a book this size, there isn’t space for padding or useless detail – this is all about driving the plot along and the sex scenes (of which there are a few) are used well.

Stevie has a gift for describing scenes, keeping your interest to the end and waiting to see what happens next. The sex scenes fit in nicely, and help the plot along, whilst titilating the reader – they never feel extraneous to the plot.

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I’m not one for giving away plots or spoiling the storyline for you, but lets just say that our two heroes provide laughs, sultry sex scenes and adventure aplenty in this introduction to Stern and Moreno. We have chases around bases, a jail-break, one very unusual diversion tactic and what amounts to a rip-roaring romp through space – think Flash Gordon with good sex and you have an idea….

There are two other books using these characters, all available on your e-reader and I can’t help but think that this series is going to be a hit. Do yourself a favour and download one…

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