Just in time for the Xmas party season comes this book, which you can use again and again, all year round, to create miniature meals, starters, canapés, snacks, indoor and outdoor treats.


Mini foods are a growing trend, and this book shows how to make an amazing, dazzling, delicious range of sweet and savoury dishes. Full instructions and techniques on each dish are given, along with ingredients, tools needed, tips, advice, and step-by-step instructions. If you’ve ever wondered ‘How do they make these’ when looking at a plate of exquisite, small appetizers or nibbles, now is your chance to find out and make them. From cocktail appetizers, pastries, burgers, soup served in mini pastry cups, sweet potato latkes, onion rings, quiches, crepes minatures, croquet madam, eggs benedict, pecan pie, two-bite cheesecake, cupcakes, tarts, and many, many more: feast your eyes, stomach, family, friends, guests on this mouth-watering range of mini delicacies!


160 pgs |





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