Legendary singer and DJ is making a comeback with a brand new single called: Coming Home

“I don’t know who I used to be but everyday I’m feeling more like me” sings Boy George on his forthcoming new release ‘Coming Home’ which has its feet firmly on the dance-floor. A cool, chunky house tune crafted by Dharma Protocol, who are legendary producer and one part of The Orb Youth and Moto Blanco’s Danny Harrison, with Culture Club bassist Mikey Craig moonlighting on writing and bass duties. The sound is reminiscent of George’s first dance venture ‘Jesus Loves You’ with early 90s house flavouring and a pop sensibility.
Says George,

‘Coming Home’ is about returning to who you really are as a person. Some people grow further away from themselves as they get older, while others like me becoming who they are meant to be. Right now I feel very comfortable in my skin. The music I’m making is a reflection of how I feel, which is super positive and focussed. I’ve been writing with Youth and Mikey from Culture Club for my new solo album ‘This Is What I Do’ and ‘Coming Home’ was born out of those writing sessions. I wanted to do something for the dance-floor because I DJ every weekend all over the globe and right now I’m very excited about the direction dance music is taking. The return to more soulful house sits very well with me as a vocalist and I’m currently working on some very interesting dance collaborations.”

‘Coming Home’ comes with mixes from Juan Kidd, already hyped as a summer smash by Prok & Fitch, and further mixes from Psychemagik, Kinky Roland, Marc Vedo and Maze & Masters. It features one of Boy George’s strongest and most soulful vocals and is a hint of things to come.

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