The Boy Scouts of America have voted to end a blanket ban on gay adult leaders, employees and volunteers.

Voting 45 in favour to 12 against the change, a long-established blanket ban on gay employees and volunteers working for the Boy Scouts of America has been lifted, stating that,

“No adult applicant for registration as an employee or non-unit-serving volunteer, who otherwise meets the requirements of the Boy Scouts of America, may be denied registration on the basis of sexual orientation.”

However, the new policy will still allow church-sponsored groups to still discriminate by allowing the recruitment process to restrict candidates to those who share their doctrine.


The Mormon Church have said that despite the caveat, which could be open to discriminating against LGBT leaders, that it might leave the organisation in any case. Its clear stance on discriminating against LGBT people might open the floodgates for our Church-sponsored groups, like the Roman Catholic Church to do the same.

A statement released by Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints said,

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“The Church has always welcomed all boys to its Scouting units regardless of sexual orientation,

“However, the admission of openly gay leaders is inconsistent with the doctrines of the Church and what have traditionally been the values of the Boy Scouts of America.”

GLAAD President & CEO Sarah Kate Ellis said,

“Finally, hardworking and devoted gay adult leaders can serve openly and honestly in Scouting without fear of rejection or retribution,

“Today’s historic vote will strengthen Scouting and sends a message of acceptance that will resonate for years to come, as future Scout leaders are judged by their ability to lead and not their sexual orientation.”

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