TheGayUK’s editor has come out in support of a movement to change the laws surrounding blood donations from HIV-negative gay men in the UK.

Speaking to Freedom to Donate, Jake Hook, THEGAYUK’s Editor in Chief offered a bold statement to back the campaign.

He said,

“TheGayUK is firmly committed to supporting the rights of gay, bisexual men who want to donate blood. Refusing blood from gay men, at a time where blood stocks are at crisis point, is not only deeply offensive, but also sends a damaging message that gay and bisexual men are poisonous, damaged and are not equal both societally and legally.”


Also supporting the campaign, the GMFA’s Chief Executive, Matthew Hodson said,

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“We need a sensible policy on blood donations, which can ensure a safe supply for much needed transfusions, without risk or prejudice.”

As it stands, the law in the UK bans gay and bisexual men from donating blood if they have had sex with another man within 12-months.

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