Bradley Hunt

X Factor stars Bratavio have spoken out about the hate they’ve received from the gay community since leaving the ITV talent show.

Bradley Hunt
CREDIT: Bradley Hunt /Instagram

Speaking on Simon Gross‘s YouTube The Showbiz Show today, singing duo, Bratavio have opened up about the negativity they’ve recieved from the gay community since they left the show. The pair were the first act to be voted off in last year’s series – but had one of the most talked about auditions in the show’s history.

The duo said that they never have trouble when they make appearances at straight clubs, but in gay clubs they say that people snub them and that club-goers shout abuse at them. The pair even fear that they will get pelted with eggs.

Warwickshire-born Bradley Hunt said,

“I’d say the amount of abuse after the show has been off gay people in clubs and that, I go to all the straight clubs and it’s fine. I go to the gay clubs and they shout ‘fake’, ‘look at them’, ‘don’t ask them for a photograph’.

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They also claim that many in the community say they are a disgrace, but Bradley hit back saying that he never claimed to be an ambassador and says he’s not “representing” the community.

He said,


“They say that we disgrace the community and I don’t even that I’m the ambassador for it, I’m not representing it, it’s our personalities that we are showing on the show”.

Ottavio, who appeared in a previous series of X Factor before teaming up with Bradley in 2016 says that the act fear they’ll be attacked on stage.

He said,

  “We always worry when we go onstage that someone is going to throw something at us like eggs or something and if they did that I’d go down the stage and knock them out”.