Bravatio hit back at “copycat” allegations


X Factor duo Bratavio has hit back at claims they copied another artist’s look.

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The band, formerly known as Bradley and Ottavio, now Bratavio, have hit back at Danny GoGo after fans accused the duo of copying Danny’s style.


Danny GoGo took to twitter to slam the flamboyant pair suggesting that they got their costume inspiration from an outfit he wore.

Many of Danny’s 78,000 twitter fans were quick to agree, saying that Danny’s look was “better” and calling the singer a “trend starter”.

Some of his fans even went as far as to say that Bradley and Ottavio had “ripped off” an original look of Danny’s and that they were nothing more than “copycats”.

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However, Bradley and Bratavio were quick to answer the accusation saying that the look was first conceived in 2012.

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