Fans OUTRAGE over “copycat” X FACTOR Bratavio

Bradley and Ottavio

All is not well on Twitter. Danny GoGo’s fans are raging over the style and appearance of X Factor‘s Bratavio.

Bradley and Ottavio
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So Bratavio, formerly Bradley and Ottavio, have been accused of copying singer and trend setting Danny GoGo’s style and his fans are not happy about it.

All was well until Bratavio were spotted wearing their now famous multicoloured candy looking costume for this weekend’s “Judges Houses” – where they successfully made it through to the live shows. They sang XTina’s “Candy Man” to impress Louis Walsh.

So far so good right? Except the 23-year-old Danny GoGo took to twitter to slam the flamboyant pair by saying:

Well I guess you’ve got to get your inspiration from someone else!!


Many of Danny’s 78,000 twitter fans were quick to agree, saying that Danny’s look was “better” and calling the singer a “trend starter”.

Some of his fans even went as far as to say that Bradley and Ottavio had “ripped off” an original look of Danny’s and that they were nothing more than “copycats”.


Danny GoGo then another took a swipe at the X FACTOR pair, by suggesting that the casting of Honey G and Bratavio was a “laughing stock” and that they’d never get signed to a recording deal.

The decision to put Bratavio into the live shows proved to be highly controversial. Trolls on social media were quick to condemn Louis Walsh and bombarded him with homophobic slurs.

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We’re not sure – look at Jedward.


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