Former Big Brother star Brian Dowling says he's shunning expensive labels saying he's "spoilt rotten" by his husband, but is now making do with a nose clipper!

Former Big Brother star Brian Dowling says he’s shunning expensive labels saying he’s “spoilt rotten” by his husband, but is now making do with a nose clipper!

It seems as though a nose hair clipper is enough to keep Brian Dowling happy these days as he celebrates 16 years together with his partner, Arthur Gourounlian, who he married in 2015 in a lavish wedding in Ireland.

Taking to social media the former Celebrity Big Brother winner and presenter said that despite being spoiled rotten by his partner of 16 years, receiving thousands of pounds worth of gifts every year, that this year’s Christmas offerings of a beard trimmer, electric toothbrush and a nose hair trimmer were all part of a shift in values.

He wrote that he had been spoilt rotten by his partner with expensive gifts like Louis Vuitton luggage, designer shoes and fragrances – but there’s been an “almighty shift” and he’s waved goodbye to the pricey labels.

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He wrote, “During the many years of our courtship at Christmas I would be so excited to see what @gourounlian would get me. Now over the years I have to admit I’ve been SPOILED ROTTEN. From Louis Vuitton luggage to designer shoes & fragrances I was LOVING LIFE. But this year how ever there was an ALMIGHTY shift. Gone was all of my labels and a hello to (A) Beard Trimmer (B) Electric Toothbrush & (C) the killer THE NOSE TRIMMER. Am really wondering is this down to my age, or knowing each other for over 16 years?”

However despite his assurances, the labels were taking a back seat, one fan couldn’t help but notice the huge Jo Malone candle in his bathroom, which retails at £300.

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Brian and his husband were one of the first couples to marry in Ireland after the country voted in a referendum to legalise same-sex marriage

Brian rose to fame in the UK after winning the second series of Big Brother. He then became the first openly gay children’s TV presenter and went on to host Big Brother when it moved to Channel 5

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