Burger King's Proud Whooper

After Burger King announced that they would sell the Proud Whopper yesterday hundreds of customers have taken to the companies Facebook book to complain.

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Burger King's Proud Whooper
CREDIT: Burger King
Yesterday (2nd July) US food giant Burger King unveiled its Pride burger – called the The Proud Whopper, but homophobes of the world aren’t happy.
The burger, which comes packed in a rainbow wrapper, with the inscription ‘We are all the same inside.’
One user, Janet Peter’s ranted,
‘You went too far and this is one family that in the future won’t be patronizing your business. Forcing your political views on customers that don’t agree with gay marriage…bad idea. Liberals argue that religion should NOT be a part of any corporation (ie; Hobby Lobby, bakers, Chik-fil-a) but then turn around and say gay pride can be a part of a corporation. Double standard anyone?? How refreshing it would be to just once see the pro–gay community instead of ridiculing, name calling, insulting and making hateful comments practice and give some of the tolerance and respect they want to receive from those of us who are Christians and don’t agree with their lifestyle.’
Many users took to the comment section say that Burger King’s move to make the Proud Burger was a political step too far, telling the chain to sell its food not its ideology.
The Proud Whopper will be sold on Thursday at one Burger King on Market Street in San Francisco, which was at the heart of SF’s Pride and Parade last weekend. A downtown Burger King was selling the Proud Whopper during the weekend as distributed 50,000 brightly coloured rainbow Burger King Crowns.
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