With the news that gay geeks are highly sought after in the work place, we pay homage to the hot gay geeks that make things tick.

In my own personal favourite order let’s run through the top 5 recent “hot Gay Geeks” since they are en vogue right now.


1 – Zachary Quinto

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back to work(ing out). agent 47. home stretch.

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Spock, and looks amazing in black rim glasses.

2 – Neil Patrick Harris

Technical Geek and again, hot geek look.

3 – Phil Jimenez

CREDIT: TrishMvhl [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
CREDIT: TrishMvhl [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Comic book writer for Marvel & has that geek rebel look going on.

4 – Bryan Singer

CREDIT: ©-S-Buckley-Depositphotos
CREDIT: ©-S-Buckley-Depositphotos

X Men – that’s all that really needs to be said. Ultimate gay geek.


 5 – Tim Cook

Gay Geek in charge of Apple… major brownie points!